At CDTS we take great pleasure in revisiting sites we have previously seeded. The A419 Cirencester By-Pass, which we seeded over 20 years ago, is looking particularly good at the moment. The light cotswold brash soil represented a very good opportunity to establish a broad range of wild flowers, and the cowslips are currently looking very impressive (see above).

CDTS have established wild flowers onto a wide range of soil types throughout the country and our extensive experience of different sites has given us an understanding of the best approaches to use. To successfully establish wild flowers there are a number of factors to be considered for species selection including aspect, drainage, shade, semi shade, altitude etc. Soils have an inherent weed seedbank which must be removed as far as possible to ensure a clean seedbed enabling the wildflower seed to establish without competition. A fallow period may be required for up to 12 months with carefully timed herbicide applications prior to sowing.