Along side our hydroseeding CDTS offers a full conventional seeding service that we  and our highly trained and experienced staff take great pride in. To enable us to efficiently undertake conventional seeding, we have invested in a broad range of conventional seeding equipment which enables us to tackle any site however big or small, ranging from large scale reclamation projects and road schemes to high profile football pitches, lawns and business parks.

Conventional seeding sites vary enormously in size soil type and a variety of other factors so a careful site inspection prior to mobilizing to site is essential to ensure the right seeding equipment is deployed. 

CDTS currently operate two low ground pressure mountain tractors for working on steep slopes and reclamation sites and two compact tractors fitted with turf tyres for high profile sites. In conjunction with these tractors we have a broad range of conventional seeding equipment, which we have developed over a number of years as a result of working on so many varied sites:

  • Harley power rake. This is our go to piece of equipment for high profile sites as it rakes the stones off down to 20 mm in size if required, grades the soil and prepares a very fine seedbed, leaving a ideal surface to sow seeds into.
  • Rotovators are used to chop up vegetation on weedy sites and produce a very soft seedbed which then requires further working down to enable seeding.
  • Power Harrows are used generally on large scale sites, which have been freshly topsoiled and are largely free of stones and debris. Generally with a couple of passes a suitable seedbed can be formed for direct drilling into.
  • Stone Buriers work by counter rotating the soil through a screen, which deposits the large material at the base and leaves the fine material on top, this can work very well but a good depth of soil is required.
  • Grader bars are used to form smooth flowing levels after initial cultivation, moving soil from high spots to low areas.
  • Fixed harrows are used on road schemes and reclamation sites where shallow cultivations are required and the seed is simply spun on and harrowed in, these areas can then be rolled using either a flat roll or Cambridge roll if required.
  • Seed spinners are used to broadcast seed after harrowing and generally used on large scale road schemes and reclamation site.
  • Turf maker drills tractor mounted and pedestrian. Once a suitable seedbed has been formed our preferred option is to drill the seed using the Blec turfmakers as they leave a very nice finish with the seed sown very accurately.
  • Pedestrian stone rake rotovator power harrow. For areas that are to small or fiddly to get to we use a pedestrian tractor, which can be fitted with various cultivation equipment to allow us to cultivate the small areas and edges.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your conventional seeding requirements.

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