CDTS offer a competitive hydroseeding service operating seven hydroseeders varying in size from a Lorry mounted 6000 litre unit down to a 2500 litre towed unit. Each site has different requirements and CDTS are able to offer the most cost effective service by operating the most suitable machine for each specific site.

Hydroseeding (sometimes incorrectly spelled Hydraseeding), is the process of spraying a mix of seed , mulch, fertilisers and binders on to a substrate.  The substrate can vary from topsoil down to rough rocky faces. The technique is chosen when conventional seeding isn’t appropriate either due to the nature of the soil or site conditions being too steep or too wet.

As the UK’s leading hydroseeding contractor, CDTS has successfully hydroseeded many thousands of hectares of roadsides, waste management sites, industrial and commercial developments, coastal projects, mining sites, golf courses and sports pitches, historically and environmentally sensitive sites, SSSi’s, windfarms and flood alleviation schemes.

CDTS use GroWeb’s range of 100% natural products, produced specifically for the Hydroseeding Contractor, which we particularly like because they are produced in the UK and provide the ultimate protection and growing medium for the seed with excellent moisture retention and erosion control properties.

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