Hydroseeding Mulch

There are many types of mulches that can be used in hydroseeding with the selection constantly growing. Each mulch type is used for different purposes examples including tacking straw, using for low cost lawn establishment, premium lawn establishment, slope stabilisation, sever erosion control or even daily cover on landfills.

Price, application and availability are the usual factors that make the decision in choosing the ideal hydroseeding mulch. Mulch usually comes in 40 – 50 pound bales and contacins a dye in order to achieve an even application. Most mulches come compressed in a bale that has to be broken down using a hydroseeding/hydromulching machine. Some mulches are manufactured in a way that allows them to be simply poured into a tank for use. Additionally some mulches contain additives such as synthetic fibres or tacktifiers.

Some mulches that are now available include:

  • Paper Mulch
  • Wood Fiber Mulch
  • Wood/Paper Blend Mulch
  • Pourable Mulch
  • Straw Mulch
  • Cotton Fiber Mulch
  • Erosion Control Mulch – BFM’s, FRM’s, EFM’s, SMM’s, etc.
  • Alternate Daily Cover – Used on the working face of landfills

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